Interface Development #2 – Javascript woes

Yes, of course, I am having javascript woes, as javascript is a programming language and i am a designer.

I can do this after some effort – however the process of discovering the rules takes time. Currently, I’m trying to get my head around using event functions to do stuff, declaring variables, then using those variables in other places outside the original function. can I have an event handler without a specific function?

How the hell would I even find that out?


I’m quite pleased I have got the output of the siders displayed in the results. I’ve even multiplied them with by a factor of ‘evilness’. This is all happening from within the individual functions associated with each slider event.

But to go further and incoroprate the miles factor, I have to do a maths operation on  these outputs together. Then I can  arrive at a global figure of total evilness.

Successfully displayed output
Successfully displayed output

Arrrrgh. Tutor comment!


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